Artist Statement

My work springs from interrogating the stereotypes and political dimensions that mark me as a black woman. I am interested in how psychological implications of blackness are grounded in and defined through the terms of black flesh. As such, my investigation leads me to experiment with and question the materiality and image of the black body through performance, photography, video and collage.

Utilizing these mediums, I confront representation through direct contact and exertion of my body. My practice is in conversation with Nicole Fleetwood’s understanding of “excess flesh”, in which the over-determined nature of the black body becomes evident through hyper-visibility. This performance reflects the dominant gaze back upon itself. Reflection and the gaze are crucial elements in my work; I play with the audience’s gaze as an active component that defines itself through the psychological manipulation of the black body and its meaning.

I am invested in understanding the particularities of the black female body as a place of contradiction where pain and pleasure, hate and love, life and death all take place. In this way, black womanhood functions as a place of both liberation and captivity, and it is this complexity that my work articulates.