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Self/Reflection #2
Self/Reflection #2

An extension of my film Self/Reflection, Self/Reflection #2 is a 55-hour performance that plays with the stream of internal dialogue, turning my thoughts, feelings and actions into an installation piece. For two and a half days, I confined myself to a room covered in reflective mylar, while I fasted and had little contact with other people. Void of the usual comforts and alone, I worked my thoughts out on the reflective paper with sharpie markers. Besides my two aids, no one was allowed into the room until the final day. Upon entering the room, people could interact with the internal reflective space I had created for myself, which I had activated with my drawings, my silence, my smell and my body. Self/Reflection #2 is the internal dialogue realized in space through the physical constraint of the body.

photo by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto