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projection installation and performance

In/Body is a multi-media collaboration between artists Fernanda D’Agostino, Sophia Wright Emigh and Jaleesa Johnston. Sharing an interest in the flesh of the body as a physical site for manifestations of memory and generational trauma, the artists investigate the power of new media to create a responsive, immersive site for engaging in processes of meditation and healing. In/Body draws upon dance, performance art, interactive video programming, sound and participatory installation, to create a charged landscape choreographed for exploration.

This project marries technology and live movement to explore the cyclical nature of both invoking and healing ancestral trauma. In/Body’s exploration of these elements occurs through a process that addresses and embraces the unknown. Creating movement that responds to the unpredictable mixing of images through Isadora software, the limitless shift within the performance mirrors the ways in which we process both the traumatic and nourishing events within daily life. This integration of media taps into a liminal space that creates an immersive environment for the viewers and performers, making the journey of pain and healing visceral