Post-Collab Play by Jaleesa Johnston


Currently sitting in post-collaboration space, with a chunk of time that was once dedicated to weekly rehearsals for In/Body. I now have that space and time open for play. I am sitting in a large pool that feels a little too open, but I am beginning to play in areas that interest me. After working so much with experimental movement, a big departure from my previous performance work, I have to sit and re-evaluate what performance means for me now. It has suddenly become a huge grey area that I am probably just over thinking. To get out of my head and into my body, I took a stroll around the house and landed here. This is a short GIF of a performance sketch. I walked the whole interior perimeter of my house, maintaining contact with the wall at all times. I had to climb over and under things. It opened up a lot of questions for potential movement/performance work in the future. I think doing small actions daily will help me return to a space of performance work that will reflect the feelings of my current interests, but also a space that I can navigate with more awareness.

In/Body at Performance Works NW by Jaleesa Johnston

Last weekend, my collaborators and I premiered our latest iteration of In/Body at Performance Works NW as part of the Alembic Residency Showcase. We performed alongside a group of amazing artists. I feel so fortunate to have been apart of this residency and had the space, time and resources to build up my experimental movement practice and coding skills with two artists who have become my family. Performing over the weekend was a bittersweet ending to a very full 10 months of research and work.