Post-Collab Play / by Jaleesa Johnston


Currently sitting in post-collaboration space, with a chunk of time that was once dedicated to weekly rehearsals for In/Body. I now have that space and time open for play. I am sitting in a large pool that feels a little too open, but I am beginning to play in areas that interest me. After working so much with experimental movement, a big departure from my previous performance work, I have to sit and re-evaluate what performance means for me now. It has suddenly become a huge grey area that I am probably just over thinking. To get out of my head and into my body, I took a stroll around the house and landed here. This is a short GIF of a performance sketch. I walked the whole interior perimeter of my house, maintaining contact with the wall at all times. I had to climb over and under things. It opened up a lot of questions for potential movement/performance work in the future. I think doing small actions daily will help me return to a space of performance work that will reflect the feelings of my current interests, but also a space that I can navigate with more awareness.