• Centrum Emerging Artist Residency + Open Studios

    Centrum Emerging Artist Residency + Open Studios

    For the past month, I have been away at an artist residency at Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend. The Centrum Emerging Artist Residency is a month-long residency awarded to 6 Pacific Northwest-based artists, and I have the privilege of participating in this year's cohort. I have been posting about my process, work and experience over the past few weeks on She Got Love and on my instagram.

    If your interest is piqued and you have the time and means to visit Port Townsend, please do come through to the Open Studio this coming Saturday, October 27th from 12-4 pm at Fort Worden State Park. Artist studios are located in Building 205 and the Fort Worden Schoolhouse. All the artists in residence are amazing, so please come say hi if you can!

  • Encounter at Indivisible

    Encounter at Indivisible

    Guess what!!!! I have a solo show coming up (like, real soon). This Saturday is the opening for the show, Encounters, at Indivisible from 6-9 PM. If you are in Portland, Or, please come through! I will be showing a mix of new and old work. If you missed the show in Seattle, then Encounter will be a good opportunity to take a look at the new drawings I have been up to. Hope to see you there!

  • Iteration #2: Earth

    Iteration #2: Earth

    I am excited to be a participating artist in this awesome event at The Tiny Theater PDX this coming Friday and Saturday, August 24 & 25.

    The evening includes installations from 7-8pm, performances from 8-9:30pm and a party and raffle from 9:30pm-12am. I will be doing a performative installation piece. Come through! A few tickets are left (donation-based $10-$50). Proceeds go to the Indigenous Environmental Network.

    See the above Tiny Theater link for purchasing information. Hope to see you there!

  • Charcoal Reception

    Charcoal Reception

    The reception for Charcoal is set! Save the date: August 24th, 6-9 PM. While I will not be able to make it, due to a conflicting performance, I hope you can make it out to support all of the amazing artists' work on view.

  • Seattle Exhibition: Charcoal

    Seattle Exhibition: Charcoal

    Hey Seattle, I will be in an all-black show in August! Come through if you are in the area. I will be showing a few drawings that are apart of a newer body of work that I have been developing over the last year.

    The show will run from August 3rd through September 22nd, and will be available for viewing by appointment. Please click this link to make your appointment for Charcoal. Details for the opening will be posted later.

    I am extremely excited and grateful to be included with such an awesome group of PNW-based artists! See it while you can.

  • Upcoming Workshop: Fragments from the (W)hole

    Upcoming Workshop: Fragments from the (W)hole

    I am very excited and fortunate to be facilitating a workshop with the first + the last this coming Saturday and Sunday. The workshops will be hosted at the Black Life Experiential Research Group space in Alberta Abbey from 6-8. The first night will be a short film screening and presentation/discussion and the second night will be a hands-on workshop in working with photography and animation.

    This workshop focuses on the fragmentation within photography as it relates to black female subjectivity and how that lens can be used to tell narratives that expand the potential of fragmentation. We will be using Ayana V Jackson's Compared to What clip excerpt as our jumping off point. Please come through if you are in the area!

  • Joining Open Signal's New Media Fellowship

    Joining Open Signal's New Media Fellowship

    It is with a lot of excitement and gratitude that I announce my place as a New Media Fellow at Open Signal this coming fall!

    Over the last year, during my participation in Future Forum, I had the opportunity to begin exploring some new ideas regarding blackness, queerness, video installation and projection mapping. I will continue to grow these ideas and refine them during my time as a fellow.

    I will be updating my process and artistic explorations on my blog, She Got Love. Stay tuned for new work on the horizon!

  • Interview on Future Prairie Radio

    Interview on Future Prairie Radio

    A little while back, I had the fun and awesome pleasure of doing an interview with Joni Whitworth, the creator of Future Prairie. We talked about my collaboration rise x fall with maximiliano and Ruben Garcia Marrufo, as well as my series Between Contact. We talk about all of this work within the contexts of afrofuturism and queerness.

    If interested, please take a listen at Future Prairie Radio on soundcloud.

    I also have an added write-up on post interview thoughts on my blog, She Got Love.

  • Intersections and Missed Connections

    Intersections and Missed Connections

    For the past 10 months, I have been apart of a cohort for a program called Future Forum, which is a new media-based alternative education and residency program housed within Open Signal.

    After months of collaboration and work, we are finally at the end of the program, gearing up for our final exhibition, Intersections and Missed Connections. Please join us for the opening reception on June 7th from 7:00-9:00 PM at Open Signal. The show runs from June 6 - July 29.

    Hope to see you there!

  • rise x fall at Spaceness

    rise x fall at Spaceness

    rise x fall
    ghosts echo haunting through times; memories of drowned cities//bodies in space; oceans. witches commune + dual energies//exist; open wound; the end of empire. the veil between worlds is thin.

    Come see rise x fall, a collaborative performance between myself, Rubén Garcia Marrufo and Maximiliano this weekend at Spaceness at the Sou'Wester Lodge in Seaview, WA. We will be performing this Saturday, March 3rd, at 11 am. Come through if you can, as the weekend will be packed with awesome art!

  • Freeform Portland Radio Archive

    Freeform Portland Radio Archive

    About two weeks ago, I had an awesome time interviewing with Felicity Fenton on Freeform Portland Radio, talking about my work, performance and the body, all while listening to good music. Please feel free to check out the archived episode at mixcloud.com/felicity-fenton.

    I also wrote an extended meditation from the interview on my blog called But Why Performance Art?. Also feel free to give that a read. I go into more detail about the moment when I chose to pursue a more performance-based practice during my time at SFAI.

  • Hear More About My Work on Freeform Portland!

    Hear More About My Work on Freeform Portland!

    I will be doing a fun interview with Felicity Fenton on Freeform Portland tomorrow morning from 10am-12pm. Portland folks, please tune into 90.3 FM and non Portland folks can listen through livestream at freeformportland.org. Hope you can listen in!

  • Radiate at the Portland Winter Light Festival

    Radiate at the Portland Winter Light Festival

    This week, I have the fun pleasure of showing new performative projection work at the Portland Winter Light Festival at Open Signal. I am showing a collaborative piece with artists Fernanda D'Agostino and Sophia Wright Emigh. We will be showing alongside a number of other amazing artists from the Future Forum cohort.

    Please come through! The show is from 6:00-9:00 pm and our performance will take place from 7:00-9:00 pm.

  • Show Opening: "Territories of (E/e)nlightenment" at c3:initiative

    Show Opening: "Territories of (E/e)nlightenment" at c3:initiative

    I have new work up in my show, "Territories of (E/e)nlightenment" at c3:initiative in Portland, OR. I am also showing alongside artist, Sharyll Burroughs, whose work is titled, "Reintegration".

    This Saturday, June 17th, there is a show opening and event to celebrate Juneteenth. From 4:00-8:00pm, there will be free BBQ, music, poetry and face painting! Sharyll will also be doing a live, interactive performance.

    Please come through if you are able!

  • Interchange at Indivisible

    Interchange at Indivisible

    I currently have some work up at Indivisible as part of a group show titled, "Interchange", located in Portland OR. This work is specifically inspired by the writing of Katherine McKittrick. The show will be up until the 25th of June. Please do stop by and see it if you can.

    For more information and my reflection on the work shown, please see my blog post at She Got Love.

  • Upcoming Performance at Disjecta

    Upcoming Performance at Disjecta

    Next Sunday, I will be performing a new work in collaboration with Elisa Roberts, the creator of Feedingsmiles. Departing from a previous performance, Sound Beings (performed at R/SF), this work is a meditative piece that uses movement and text to reconsider the linearity of consciousness raising and progress.

    Please come join us, as there are a number of amazing Portland artists collaborating in this performance. Hope to see you there!

  • She Got Love: An Art Blog

    She Got Love: An Art Blog

    I have recently created a new art blog that best reflects my current art practice, contemplations, readings and events. Please follow for updates, fun art content and more!

    Blog link: She Got Love

  • Upcoming Show: the SFAI MFA Graduate Exhibition

    Upcoming Show: the SFAI MFA Graduate Exhibition

    Jaleesa Johnston presents What's Passed Down at the San Francisco Art Institute's MFA Graduate Exhibition from Thursday, May 12, 2016 to Sunday, May 15, 2016 at the Herbst Pavilion, Fort Mason Center for the Arts and Culture.

    The show opening is on May 13, 7-9 pm.

    For more information, please see Matte Image.